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Units of measure

Units of measure are used in any types of documents. The unit shows how the product is measured.

The Units of measure menu is here RegistriesUnits of measure.

After registration, by default there are some Units of measure.

To change one of the units open its document, and change any of its fields as you need, then click the Save button .

To create a new Unit document click on the Create button , and fill the Name field, Abbreviation and its Type. If the Type is not an Object, then you need to set the Multiplier field, that shows its relation to the unit of the metric system. For example, for one gramm it will be 0.001 because 1 gramm is 0.001 of a kilogramm, which is the metric system unit. For Ton it’ll be 1000, and for kilogram - 1. Then click the Create button to create this unit.

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