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The company is the one of the basic parts of DokioCRM system. All documents are linked to the company. You can have as many companies as you need, but they all must have different types of business, which processes don't overlap with each other. There is no information exchange between the companies, and you can't use documents of company A for company B. If you want to divide your company into several parts - you can use Departments for those purposes.

Companies is accessible on SettingsCompanies. One company is created by default. It’s your company. Now you need to add some more information about this company, that will be needed in another DokioCRM documents. So, click here , and the company card opens.

Information tab

Enter the right Short name. If you’re an individual, enter your name. In Type field select the type of your company. The other fields aren’t necessary, but if you want to create invoices, you will need to fill at least the following fields:

In Details block - Full name (for Entity type) or Surname and Name for individual type, and also all fields in the Registration address block. If your post address is the same as your registration address, just click this icon in the Post address block, and all information will be copied into the Post address block.

Fill Telephone and E-mail fields in a Contacts block.
If you want the stamp of your organization or the signature to be set automatically into your invoices, you need to upload the images to the system in PNG format. There are already examples in your DokioCRM files.
If your company is a payer of sales taxes (like VAT, PDV etc.) - switch on the Sales tax payer switcher. And,oif the price usually already contains tax, then switch on the Tax included field. This setting will automatically set the tax fields in the other documents of this company as a default value.
In a Files section you can add some files of this company for fast access of this files from your company card. Just click this icon and select the files from files library.

Settings tab

On the Settings tab there is one major setting - the Average cost calculation policy.
If you want DokioCRM to calculate it separately for each department - you need to change this setting and confirm your choice.
If you want to set the online store connection, swith on the Online store field.

Online-store tab

You can see this tab only if the Online store switcher on the Settings tab is on.
At this tab you can set up the interaction between DokioCRM and the online store. For the right functionality of the online store work, please, fill all fields of this tab.

Connection section

DokioCRM secret key This field store the secret key, by which the Dokio-store plugin can find your company and all its data. This key needs to be inserted to the Dokio-store plugin. To generate new key click Generate secret key icon . The generated key seems like password phrase, as a black dots. Then click Copy to clipboard icon to paste it into the Dokio-store plugin.
IP address of the online store. Besides of secret key, DokioCRM also check the IP address of calling queries. So, you should put here IP address of your online store. See the manual of the Dokio-store plugin (the Test connection function) to check the correctness of inserted IP address and the secret key.

Orders section

Regular price - select the price type that will be responsible for the regular price in the online store.
Sale price - select the price type that will be responsible for the sale price in the online store.
Department - Main department in "Customer's order" document for online store orders.
Customer order's creator - the creator by default of created in online store Customers orders. It can be one of registered users of your company. Input some letters of its name and select the user from the select list.
If customer not found When the order comes from online store, DokioCRM tries to fond the customer in the data base by the e-mail or the telephone number. If the customer is found, the order will be created on its name. But if not - here you can select what to do: 1. Create new customer or 2. Use the existed customer as default. If you choose the second option - you should select this default customer below, in the Customer on default field.
Customer on default the customer, in whose name the online store orders will be created in case the customer is not found (see the previous field).
Number of days to ESD the number of days to the estimate shipment date. After this date the order will be considered overdue.

Inventory section

Autoreserve - switch this field on for the products are automatically reserved when an order is received.
Store department The availability of products in the online store will be determined based on the total number of unreserved products in these departments.
Don't forget to click Save button , to save all company information.

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