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DokioCRM update

If you have an online store, first of all before initiating the update you should login to the WordPress. Then, click DokioStore on the WordPress sidebar, and stop the synchronization task. After all steps of this article are done, you should update the DokioStore plugin to the version that is compatible with the new DokioCRM according the instruction

To update DokioCRM you need to download the files of the last version of DokioCRM from The lastest version of DokioCRM table:

  • dokio_war.war - this is the backend file (click Backend in a table "The lastest version of DokioCRM")
  • dokio.tar - this is the frontend file (click Frontend in a table "The lastest version of DokioCRM")
  • Database update file(s) - the link of it named "DB update x.x.x to x.x.x"

Firsteval, upload dokio.tar and dokio_war.war into your ftp folder /home/ftpuser/ftp/files via an FTP client (eg FileZilla).

  1. Use pgAdmin to connect to DokioCRM database. If you are updating several versions from your current version, you must run the update commands one by one for all non-updated versions in ascending order of versions. For example: your version is 1.0.1. You want to update to 1.0.3. First you need to update your database to version 1.0.2, and after to newest 1.0.3. So, make changes to the database with commands from the database update *.sql file(s).
  2. Copy dokio_war.war to $CATALINA_HOME:
    cp /home/ftpuser/ftp/files/dokio_war.war /opt/tomcat/webapps/
    It will find by Tomcat and deployed automatically. But it won't run - you can check it by opening (need manager's password from /opt/tomcat/conf/tomcat-users.xml). Because settings in the file are not suitable for your site
  3. Copy settings from a previously saved file:
    cp /opt/tomcat/dokio_properties/ /opt/tomcat/webapps/dokio_war/WEB-INF/classes/
  4. Go to and click on Start buttor of dokio_war.war file. It must be true in Running column
  5. Delete all files from a directory with DokioCRM:
    If DokioCRM is in root directory:
    rm -rf /var/www/html/*
    If DokioCRM is in subdirectory:
    rm -rf /var/www/html/dss/*
  6. Unpack the archive with DokioCRM into a folder according to the property.
    for root directory:
    tar -C /var/www/html -xvf /home/ftpuser/ftp/files/dokio.tar
    tar -C /var/www/html/dss -xvf /home/ftpuser/ftp/files/dokio.tar
  7. If DokioCRM will run from root directory of site - just skip this step:

  8. Open index.html:
    nano /var/www/html/dss/index.html
    and change base href="/" to base href="/dss/"
  9. Now DokioCRM can be opened from address or
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