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DokioCRM can store any types of files. For every file DokioCRM creates its own document. Files can be found in the Registries section.

After registration you already have some files by default. As you can see, all pictures have thumbnails:

To add a file into DokioCRM first of all you need:

Select the category that the file will be related to. If you don’t do this, it will automatically be the last selected category, or the root category. Then click this button , and select one or more files. You can upload up to ten files at a time.

To search the file input a part of its name into the search field, and click Enter.

By default files are displayed as miniatures, but if you click this icon - they will be displayed as a table.

To delete a file select it and click the delete button , then choose Yes.
Deleted file will be placed into the bin.

To see the files in the bin click on the trash icon . As you can see, the deleted file is here; If you click the Empty bin button , all the files in the bin will be deleted forever. Also, you can delete permanently only the files that you are sure you will never need again - select these files and click this button .
But what to do if you want to restore the files from the bin? Select the files, and click this yellow button - files will be restored.
To exit the bin click the trash button again.

If you click on the file icon - the File document will be opened. In file document you can either rename this file, or edit its description.
Also, here you're able to change categories that this file is related to.
If you want to make this file acceptable for non-registered DokioCRM users, you should share this file by switching the Shared file selector. Now if you click here , the link on this file will be copied into clipboard. Save the File document and now it’ll be accessible via a copied link.

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