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Posting allows you to book regrading and assign the initial balances to the department (warehouse). Also posting let you allocate the surplus of products found during the inventory to a specific department.

Posting can be created from the Inventory, or as a standalone document.

A Posting is always created for only one department

To create a Posting :

  1. Go to Products → Postings
  2. Click the +Create button
  3. Select the company and the department - on which you need to perform a posting
  4. Search the product to posting
  5. Specify quantity and price
  6. Click the To the list button
  7. To select multiple items at once click the Products button, and in the dialog select the products you need, then click the Select button in the top of this dialog. Selected products will be added to the posting table.
  8. Click Create to create the Posting.
  9. Click the Complete button for the Posting to take effect.

The columns of products table are:

  • Name - the name of the product. If you click on the name of the product, the window with its document will open.
  • Quantity - number of products. This is an editable field
  • In-stock balance - total quantity of this product in a selected department
  • Price - the price of the product
  • Sum - the sum in Accounting currency
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