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Counterparties are companies, government agencies or individuals with whom you have a trading or financial relationship. Even you yourself and your emploees can be counterparties, because you all receive the salary from your company.

Counterparty creation

1. Go to RegistriesCounterparties<
2. Click the Create button
3. Select the Company and input a Short name
4. If the counterparty is an individual, enter his or her Name
5. In Type field select the type of the counterparty.
6. Select the price type in a Price type field.

The other fields aren’t necessary, but if you create invoices to this counterparty, you will need to fill at least the following fields:

1. In Details block - Full name (for Entity type) or Surname and name for individual type, and also all fields in the Registration address block. If the post address of the counterparty is the same as its registration address, just click Copy address button in the Post address block, and all information will be copied here.
2. Fill in the Telephone and Email fields in the Contacts block
3. To quickly filter the list of counterparties - select one or more categories on the left side of the document.
4. Click Create button to save this information about new counterparty

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