Demo SaaS-server

The project's github

System minimal requirments

  • Linux (tested on Ubuntu Server)
  • 1 core CPU
  • 2 Gb RAM (4 Gb recommended)
  • 10 Gb HDD

Constructed with

  • Backend: Java 8
  • Frontend: Typescript (Angular 2)
  • Database: PostgreSQL 10

DokioCRM is a free and open source program to help small businesses with sales and services. It has a web interface and works from any modern browser. It is currently in the testing phase (beta version).

DokioCRM is software that needs to be installed on the server. Don't worry about the word "server" - you don't have to have a real expensive server these days.
You can completely get by with a virtual server (VPS-server), the services for which are provided by many hosting companies, and it will cost no more than regular website hosting.

Advantages of this method are:

  • Centralized data - no need to synchronize anything between different computers, all data is in one place
  • Access from anywhere in the world - you can work or control work from anywhere where there is Internet
  • Any number of users. Any number of users can work with one instance of the program (within the limits of technical capabilities, of course:)
  • Ease of upgrade. Due to the fact that the program is installed only on the central server, it needs to be updated only on it, and not on all workstations that connect to this server
  • Flexible resource management - you always pay only for the amount of server resources (number of processor cores, disk memory) that you need to work. If the business has expanded and more resources are needed, they can be added literally in a matter of minutes

Disadvantages of this solution:

  • Internet connection is required. You won't be able to work with DokioCRM without the Internet. As, however, with any other cloud or server system.
  • Server setup is complicated. DokioCRM is a server software, i.e. it must be installed on the server. If you are not a technical specialist in the field of setting up servers, you will not be able to install DokioCRM yourself - for this you will need to involve a specialist (for example, me :). He will be able to order a VPS server service for you, configure the server and install DokioCRM.