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Department is a part of a company. One company can contain as many departments as you need. The department can be a shop, a warehouse or an office. In small companies one department can contain all these functionalities.

After registration you already have one department by default. Let’s open the department’s card and see, what fields are inside:

Company - it’s company name, that this department belongs to.
Name - is a name of your department. Change it to a real name.
Address - is an address where department is placed.
Additional - This is an additional information field
Departments price type. DokioCRM can contain multiple price types, and the price of the same product or service may vary from department to department. This field’s value shows what price type is being used in this department by default.
Cash room - Shows which Cash room this department belongs to.
Beneficiary account - this is the bank account of the department.

Set the Price type of this department, the Cash room and the Beneficiary account, and click Save.
To create a new department you need to go to SettingsDepartments and click Create button , and set the Name of the new department. Also select the Price type of this department, the Cash room and the Beneficiary account. After this, click Create button .

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