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The Taxes registry shows the actual taxes list. The Taxes menu is here RegistriesTaxes. As you can see, by default there are some taxes.

To change one of the taxes open its document, and change any of its fields as you need. Value of the tax is the main field. Its value shows the percent of this tax. It can be from 0 to 99. The Active switcher shows that this status is active, and will be visible in the list of taxes in any type of documents.

If your company has more than one tax, you can see Order of taxes block, where you can change the order of taxes: drag its name and drop it in the right place.

Afer you’ve made some changes don’t forget to click the Save button .

To create new Tax document, in RegistriesTaxes click on the Create button , and fill all the required fields, that are marked with red stars. If it will be the final status - change its type in the Status type field. Then click Create button . New status will be created. Move it in the right place of Order statuses list, if its needed, and click Save . New tax is created. Move it in the right place of the Order of taxes list, if it’s needed, and click Save .

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