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Installation and configure


You can install DokioCRM and a website with an online store on your VPS server using a bash installation script.
Bash installation script tested on:

  • Ubuntu Server 20.04
  • Ubuntu Server 22.04 (recommended)

Minimum requirments of VPS is: 1 Cpu core, 2 Gb RAM, 15 Gb HDD
Use only freshly installed VPS for the installation of DokioCRM.
In order for SSL to install and work correctly, you should order and configure a domain name for your VPS.
NOTE: - the example name of your domain address. Replace it with your real address.

1. Login to your VPS

Use PuTTY or any another SSH client to access to your VPS as a root user

2. Check the system hostname:

hostname -f

The output shoult show the correct hostname, for example,
If the hostname is incorrect - set the correct hostname:

hostnamectl set-hostname

Then check it again:

hostname -f

NOTE: In order for the SSL certificate to be obtained successfully, the server must be accessible by domain name. If you have just received a domain name, the VPS server may not be available yet. You can check whether or not the domain is resolving into the correct host IP address by using the ping command in your computer console:

3. Execute installation script:

wget -O - | sh

This command will start the installation process.

Once DokioCRM is installed, the installer will ask you if you want to install a WordPress site with a built-in WooCommerce store. If you want to do this, type y and press Enter. A configured and ready-to-use online store will be installed.

After the installation the file /var/dokio_pwd.txt will be created. It contans all passwords. I recommend saving this information on your computer and deleting this file.

The user interface of DokioCRM will be available at this address:

Click Registration, and create your account. After registration you can login into the user interface of DokioCRM.

When the first account is registered, the ability to register new users will not be available. This is to prevent new unwanted registrations on your server. However, you can create any number of users of your company from the user interface (Settings/Users). But if you want to allow new registrations on your server, run the following command in the SSH client:

sudo -Hiu postgres psql -d dokio -c "update settings_general set show_registration_link = true, allow_registration = true;"

NOTE: Some mail services, for example, Gmail, can bounce the emails from your server mailbox. It's because the domain zone of has no SPF record. Add a TXT record for It should be like: Name:"", Type: "TXT", Rdata: "v=spf1 +a +mx ~all", created in a domain zone management on the domain registrar website.
For some services it still can not be enough, and you should set up DKIM and DMARC on your server, and order the creation of a PTR record from your VPS provider company.

4. WordPress settings

i. Log in WordPress admin panel:
Go to Settings/General and change the field Administration Email Address to the your email.
ii. Go to WooCommerce/Settings and also change the following emails New order, Cancelled order and Failed order by clicking on the Manage button.

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