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Roles, assigned to the user determine, what a user can do in DokioCRM. A user can have one or more roles, and permissions of any roles complement each other.

Let’s see how the Role card looks like by opening it:
In left side of the card you can see the Role Name field and the Description of this role.
In the right part of the Role card you can see the list of all DokioCRM's documents. If you click on the document name, you will see all the available permissions, that the document has. So, here you can select or deselect the permissions for this role in this document.

Let’s see the most common permissions:
Display in the list of documents in the sidebar - this determine if this document’s name is visible or not in the sidebar.
Creation group of permissions - determine creation possibilities in any cases. For example, you can allow user to create documents only for his departments.
There is something important here. As you can see, all permissions are divided into small groups - the group of creation, view, editing and so on. So, there is an hierarhy in every such group. The most important permission is on the top. And if you select the highest permission in this group - that means that all permissions below this group is switched on as well.
View group of permissions - set what documents the user can view.
Editing group - determine what documents user can edit. To edit the document the user needs to have a view permission for this document type.
Deleting group - set what documents the user is able to delete.
Just one remark - DokioCRM documents are never permanently deleted (except for the Files). They are simply marked as deleted and become invisible in the menu lists and cannot be used in other documents.
Completion part - determine what documents the user can complete. A completed document is no longer a draft and its entries take effect. For example, after the completion of Acceptance all its items are in stock.

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