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The main functions of the Prices page are:
It’s a report that shows you the product’s price according to the selected price type.
This is a tool that allows you to set the product price for the selected price type or for all price types.

The price of the products is displayed in the Price column.
If All price types is selected as the price type, then a numeric value in this column means that the price of this product is the same for all price types. Otherwise, it will contain the Different badge.

Set the price

You can set the price of product as a separate value for each price type, or an identical value for all price types.
1 Select the Price type for which you want to set the price. If you want to set a price for all price types - then select All price types.
2 Select one or more products
3 Click Set prices button
4 In the opened dialog input the value of the price, and click Save.

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