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Basic functionality

In the left side of some document menus you can see a categories bar. For example, in Files, or Counerparties documents menu. Categories are needed to filter the documents list more easily. One document can be related to one or more categories. To see the documents in a category - just click on it.

How to relate the document to a category? Open the document card, and select a category, then click Save, and close this document.

To go to the root category - you should clear categories filter , or click on the Home button .

Categories that you see in the Files or Counterparties documents, were created automatically. But what to do if you want to have your own customized category?

If you want to create a new root category - click the Home button , and then the New category button . If you want to create subcategory - first, you should select its parent category, and then click the New category button . Enter the name of your category, and click this button . The Category will be created.

To edit category’s name click to category, and then click the Edit category button . Enter your category new name and click Save.

What to do if you need to change the order of categories? If you want to change main categories list - click the Home button, and then Change order button . If you want to change order of subcategories - you should select their parent category, and then click the Change order button . Then drag the category and drop in to the new place.

Pay attention - you can’t change the order of categories, if there is only one category in the list - then this button won’t be active.

To delete the category - select the category you want to delete, and click on the Trash button . Сonfirm your action. After deleting the category, all the documents that were related to this category won’t be deleted. They just lose their relation to this category.

Categories of Products and Services

This type of categories has some more functionality. In the Parent category field you can choose the parent category of current category. If you want to make this category as a root category, select "None" in the top of dropdown list:

Swith on the Online store category selector to turn this category into a WooCommerce category.

Online store categories and all products that related to this category are synchronising with WooCommerce internet store. In the tree of categories the online store categories are marked with basket icon like this:
After marking category as a store category two additional fields are become to visible: Slug and Display.
The Slug field this is the URL-friendly version of the name of this category in a browser address string.
The Display field select what should internet-store display if this category will be selected:
- Default - uses your theme’s default
- Products - display only products
- Subcategories - display only products
- Both will display subcategories and products below that

Also, you can select the image of your category. Click this icon and select the image in the opened window.
If the selected image is not opened to an external access, it will be marked by a red icon like this:

In this case the image won't be sent to the internet store. If you want to make it as opened to the external access, click to this red icon, and in the opened file card turn on the Internal access switcher, then save file card.
To delete the image click "Delete image" icon.

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