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Products and services

Products and services is one of the most important DokioCRM documents. It describes the products or services that you buy or sell.

After registration, by default there is no items in Products and services menu.

To create a product or a service:

  1. Go to Products → Products and services
  2. Click on the Create button
  3. Select your Company for which the product is being created (in case you have more than one company in DokioCRM)
  4. Enter the Name (the mandatory field) and Description, if required
  5. In the field Subject of trade select Commodity (for a product) or Service (for a service).
  6. Select the tax in the Tax field if required.
  7. Input SKU value, if required, and the last mandatory field is Unit of measurement
  8. If this product is not in sale (for example it is used as expendable material) - switch on the Not in sale switcher
  9. If this product can’t be sold by parts - switch on the Indivisible switcher
  10. Select categories. If you want to select whole branch of categories - click by lower child category and then click on the Select all categories button
  11. Then click the Create button and the document of your product will be created

After the document creation, new blocks and fields will appear in the Main information block.

Main information

This block has the following fields:
Product group - the group of this product from Product group register. To select the product group – start typing the first letters of its name and click on one of the appeared values. Save the product, and the Fields block will be available. Now you can fill in the fields of Product group for this product.
ID - the id of a product. It will be used in the Bar-code of the product. ID will be assigned to the product automatically.
Need to weigth - product must be weighed.
Weigth code - this code used as a part of the EAN13 barcode for weighted products. Weigth code will be assigned to the product automatically.
Not purchased - choose if you no longer buy this product.
Weigth and Volume - these fields are needed to determine the total weight of the shipment.


This block is visible if the Product group field value is selected. Here you can fill in the detailed characteristics of the product.


In this block you can set all prices of the product.


Here you can select one or more suppliers of this product.


Shows all bar-codes associated with this product.

To add bar-code:

  1. Click the Add barcode button .
  2. Then, in the Barcode adding dialog fill the field Barcode. You can use the bar-code scaner in HID mode for this.
  3. Fill the Description field if it’s required. The type of a bar-code in the Type of barcode field will be selected automatically, depending on the value of Barcode field.
  4. Also, you can generate the internal EAN13 bar-code automatically. Click the Internal EAN-13 link under the Barcode field. This barcode will be generated from the ID field of the product.



Here you can add pictures of your product. To do this, click the Add picture button . DokioCRM Files window will be opened. Select one or more pictures. If the picture is still not in the Files, click the Upload button and upload your pictures. After uploading all uploaded pictures will be in the beginning of the pictures list. Select pictures and click Select files button. The pictures of the product will be added.

The main picture of product is on the top. You can change the main picture by dragging another picture on the top of the product pictures list.
When all changes are made, click the Save button.

Operations tab

In this tab you can form the Operations report for this product.
Select the Department, From date and To date and click the loupe icon .
DokioCRM will find all operations on this product in the selected period of time.

If you want to see the report only on specific operations - click the Select operations icon and uncheck the unnecessary operations. Then click the loupe icon.

The table rows:

  • Department - the department where the operation was completed
  • Operation - the name of the operation
  • Quantity before - the quantity of this product in the department before the operation
  • Change - the quantity of the product in this operation
  • Quantity after - the quantity of this product in the department after the operation
  • Date of operation - the date of the operation
  • Price of operation - the price of the operation
  • Net cost of operation - the net cost of the product in this operation.
  • Average net cost - the average net cost of this product after the operation. The Average net cost price will be recalculated after every operation, if the cost of the product changes.
    The calculating formula of the new Average cost is:
    QUANTITY_AVAILABLE - the available quantity of this product before the operation.
    AVERAGE_NET_COST - the average net cost of this product before the operation
    QUANTITY_NEW_ITEM - the quantity of the product with the new net cost in the operation.
    NEW_ITEM_NET_COST – the new net cost in the operation

Duplicate the product

You can create up to 5 product’s copies at a time. In the Products and services menu select the product you want to be duplicated. Click Actions button and select Duplicate. In the Duplication dialog select the number of copies and other duplicate options, then click the Start button. The product will be duplicated.

Group change of product categories.

In the Products and services menu select the products which categories you want to change. Click Actions button and select Categories. In the left side of the Category selection dialog select the categories by clicking «plus» icon. All the selected categories will be added into the right side of this dialog. If you want to delete the category from the list of selected categories, click delete icon in the right side of the category name. Click the Select button at the top of Category selection dialog. Then you will see the dialog that will ask you - «Would you like to save the categories that the products already have?» If you select Yes - the selected categories will be added to the existing ones, otherwise the already existing categories will be replaced by the selected ones.

Delete the product

To Delete the product or service select it in the Products and services menu, click the Actions button and then click Delete.

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