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It's Free!

DokioCRM is free and open source software distributed under the GNU AGPLv3 license, so you don't need to pay for a license!


DokioCRM is a cross-platform software. It can be installed on your remote VPS-server and you can work with it on any OS and any modern browser


Put all your goods from DokioCRM to the online store in one click! Automatic loading of orders from the online store to the DokioCRM

Main features

DokioCRM is a dynamically developing system. At the moment it has quite a lot of functionality. Listed below are just a small part of the main out-of-the-box functions.



  • Purchase orders
  • Acceptances
  • Returns to suppliers


  • Multiple price types
  • Managing customer orders
  • Goods reservation

Goods accounting

  • Organizing products by category
  • Product's operations history


  • Multi-departments (warehouses) system
  • Real-time stock visibility
  • Goods Inventory, Postings and Write-offs
  • Minumum in-stock balance control
  • Warehouse logistics



  • Accounting for payments to suppliers
  • Accounting for payments from customers
  • Control bank and cash payments
  • Control of overdue invoices and shipments


  • Powerful dashboard
  • P&L reports
  • Mutual payments report
  • Money flow report
  • Sales volume analytics
  • Monitoring the average cost of goods


  • Closing balances with counterparties
  • Bank acconts balances
  • Cash rooms balances
  • Money flow report
  • Operating expenses accounting


Basic functionality

  • All counterparties in the one database!
  • User management and access control
  • File storage and management
  • Support of the barcode scanners (HID)


  • Custom print menu
  • Printing documents from user-defined templates
  • Printing labels from user-defined templates


  • Integration with Woocommerce


  • Multi-language support (En, Ru now)
  • World-wide date and time formats support
  • Timezones support
  • User defined sales taxes support
  • User defined document statuses

Online store integration!

Now you can easy make your DokioCRM products available through the online store, and get back the customers orders from the online store to DokioCRM. Below you can see examples of products from DokioCRM demo account, that were automatically added to the WooCommerce online store

Multi-language online stores

With DokioCRM, you can sell your products in an online store in a language convenient for your customers.
In the DokioCRM interface, you can translate product names, descriptions, categories, and attributes into various languages.
You can also connect any number of multilingual online stores to one DokioCRM account.
This can be useful if the entire product range of your business is not included in the format of one online store.

Interface examples

These are some pictures of DokioCRM user interface. You can test its usability for yourself in a few seconds - just go to the Login page and input

Login: demoacc Password: demoacc

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