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Money flow

The Money flow report shows money incoming and outgoing in a given period.

This report is accessible on MoneyMoney flows.

It includes operations of documents Outgoing payment, Incoming payment, Debit slip, Credit slip, Correction.

It is divided into 3 main vertical parts - Bank acconts, Cash rooms, All. Every part contains an information ablut its Income, Expenditure and Balance indicators. The All part indicators are the sum of Bank acconts and Cash rooms parts indicators.

Also, in addition to the main information, it has three horizontal lines with additional data:
Opening balance and Closing balance lines: display the balance at the beginning and end of the specified time period.
The amount for the period line shows the sum of Income and Expenditure indicators values in a given period.

The Money flow report is built by days. You can see detailed information for each day. To view it, click on the icon in the line with the desired date - and the window with detail information will be opened. This window displays the information about documents that affects the balances for the current day. If you click this icon opposite of document’s name, this document will be opened in new browser tab.

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